Importance of Social Media Skills

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Social media has become extremely important and powerful in today’s society. There is a copious amount of accessibility with smartphones making it extremely easy to post something on a social media site. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are key resources in marketing and branding an image. When representing yourself it is important to know how to run a social media site. To have a strong social media following you need to engage with your social media community on an everyday basis. You need to constantly post updates, pictures, and videos to keep your pages active. Having strong social media skills you will enhance your marketability. Celebrities use social media sites to promote their self and keep up with their fans. For example, a tweet from Rapper YG “  site launched tonight at midnight | All items available for purchase (link in bio)” This simple tweet notifies YG’s fans and markets his album and clothing.

Many employers look into people’s social media sites when looking to hire them. Therefore is very important to run your social media in a respectable way. In order to be very diversified and unique, it is important to have a multitudinous amount of interaction with your fans and your primary audience. Generally, it is best to gain respect and hype within your social media site by having interactions with other relevant people throughout the media. Simply posting an image of yourself and another celebrity could immensely help your page and help you gain support. In part, it is extremely essential to engage in social media in a respectable and superfluous way in order to gain the support of outside followers.


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