An Archaic Act of Embezzlement

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A 58-year-old woman from Merced named Beverley was arrested for suspicion of embezzling a possible $350,000 from J. Marchini farming company she was employed by. A total of $354,000 was reported stolen from the company over the last four years. Detectives from Merced County found evidence showing that Road created six fake employee accounts on the companies payroll. Roan forged her boss’s signature and cashed the checks at a market in town of Chowilla. Eyewitnesses give compelling evidence that the alleged funds were spilt at Chukchansi casino. When brought in for investigation Roan confessed to detectives about embezzling money and spending at Chukchansi casino. The company discovered the embezzlement when they had to reissue checks and couldn’t find these fake employees. Roan’s was charged with embezzlement and theft her bail is set at $15,000.

In regards to her alleged suspicious behavior, the bail, in my opinion does not correlate to the charges she received. Despite the latter, the big conundrum in the encompassing scenario is in regards to the aspect of the simplicity of her actions. There should be more elucidating firewalls and more closure necessary in order to obtain the essential information for the creation of a new employee account. At the very least, there should be a hierarchical status to be put into place for preventive measures. Individualism shouldn’t be so simplistically used to benefit someone financially. It should be profoundly more difficult for someone to emulate someone else’s identity and use it advantageously. In today’s society it is not that uncommon for people to have their identity stolen, but very few individuals have the issue of having their entire life savings taking right out of their back pocket. I understand it is impossible to make this type of crime completely extraneous but it should certainly be much more difficulty and need more compelling evidence to officially complete a corporate transaction. Roan faces 7-10 years in prison.


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