Individually Written Fact Sheet

Robert O’Brien



Rollie’s Pizza

15 N 6TH St Terre Haute, IN


  • Established in October 2009 by owners Eric and Cindi Hettlinger
  • Originally located on 6710 Wabash Avenue
  • The business is named after Eric’s and Cindi’s only son, Rowland, whose nickname is Rollie
  • The business has an aviation theme because that is a strong interest in the family;
    • Eric is a pilot and former Senior Master Sergeant with the Indiana Air National Guard
    • Several other family members pilots and members of the Air Guard


Rollie’s Pizza moved from their original location to downtown Terre Haute for one primary reasons:

  • Needed much more space to accommodate the high numbers of customers.
  • Downtown building size: 3,300 square feet



  • Provide people with good quality food for a decent price
    • All 100% natural ingredients always
  • Provide a healthier options
    • Multigrain crust
    • Working on gluten-free pizzas
  • Provide an alternative to chain pizzas
    • People are tired of cheap, poorly made pizzas of chains



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