Group Project Prospal/Plan



Executive Summary

This public relations campaign will seek to improve the success of Rollie’s Pizza, a locally-owned business that has recently moved to a new location in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana, and has yet to reopen its doors for business. Our public relations team will develop and implement a campaign plan that makes use of creative tactics that will:

  • Increase awareness of Rollie’s new convenient location
  • Increase awareness of Rollie’s products and services
  • Help Rollie’s have a smooth transition and maintain a high level of business activity upon the opening of their new location
  • Establish a greater online presence for Rollie’s with the use of social media tools


The following campaign plan will feature these components:

  • The background and situation analysis of Rollie’s Pizza
  • The ultimate goal of this public relations campaign
  • An outline of key messages and targeted audiences of the campaign
  • The specific objectives of the campaign
  • A description of the tactics that will be employed to achieve the campaign’s objectives, and how their success will be evaluated after implementation


Background & Situation Analysis

In 2009, Rollie’s Pizza was founded by its current owners, Eric and Cindi Hetlinger. Named after the Hetlingers’ son, the business began in a small, 950 square-feet building at the intersection of Wabash Avenue and Hunt Road on the eastern outskirts of Terre Haute, Indiana. When the business’s popularity outgrew the small building and customers came in such large numbers that some were turned away, the Hetlingers decided to relocate. In 2014, Rollie’s moved to a new building in downtown Terre Haute that is more than three times larger than the original. At this new location on 15 North Sixth Street, they expect to triple their sales when they reopen for business. Rollie’s is now very close to several important markets that will help generate that increase in sales, including Indiana State University students who are just a block away. The Hetlingers anticipate opening their new location before the year’s end.

Prior to the execution of this campaign, Rollie’s Pizza’s owners increased awareness of their relocation with these tools: an inconspicuous sign on the new building, a Facebook page, and a website. These efforts have not been enough to inform our primary target audience about Rollie’s relocation. Our public relations team will utilize additional tactics and strategies to achieve the objectives and goal outlined below.



To make it known to Indiana State University students that a high-quality pizza restaurant has moved to a convenient location just south of campus.


Key Messages

Message 1: Rollie’s Pizza has moved to a new and convenient location in downtown Terre Haute, close to Indiana State University.

Message 2: Rollie’s Pizza offers high-quality and delicious products.

Message 3: New customers should try Rollie’s Pizza’s products, and old customers should return to the business at its new location.

Target Audiences

Indiana State University students have been selected as the primary target audience of this campaign. Because of the nature of our public relations team and the limited resources of time and money, this primary audience is the one that can be most effectively influenced by this campaign. The primary target audience can be broken down into the following groups of interest:

  • External:
    • Upperclassman students
    • Lowerclassman students
    • Commuting students
    • On-campus students
    • Student organizations (Greek organizations, academic organizations, etc.)
  • Internal:
    • Owners, the Hetlingers
    • Cooks
    • Servers
    • Delivery personnel




Our public relations campaign will include only two expenditures: the printing of flyers and the making of pizzas for a sampling event. This campaign plan is concerned with the cost of printing, which has a maximum budget of $20.00 paid by the members of our public relations team. The cost of making pizzas will be borne by Rollie’s Pizza.

Objectives, Strategies, Tactics & Evaluations


Objective 1: Increase awareness of Rollie’s Pizza’s new location


Strategy: Publish a press release about Rollie’s Pizza and its new location.

Tactic: Our team will individually compose press releases that briefly describe Rollie’s Pizza’s new location, history, and significance. The press release will also be used to promote our sampling event (described below under Objective 2). Our team will send the best press release out to the Indiana State University student newspaper and radio stations.


  • A member of our team will contact the Indiana State University student media organizations to request the publication of our press release

Deadline: November 17th.

Evaluation: Our team aims to get our press release at least published in the school paper or read on the student radio station.

 Strategy: Execute a flyer campaign to advertise Rollie’s Pizza and its new location and a coupon campaign to encourage customers to visit.

Tactic: Our team will distribute flyers in the Indiana State University Hulman Memorial Student Union to inform students of Rollie’s Pizza’s convenient new location that is just south of campus. The flyer will also be used to advertise our sampling event at which students will receive coupons for a future purchase at Rollie’s.


  • A member of our team will design the flyer and coupon
  • A member of our team will contact the Hulman Memorial Student Union for permission to distribute flyers within the building
  • Team members will print and distribute the flyers in the Hulman Memorial Student Union

Deadline: November 17th.

Budget: $20.00.

Evaluation: The success of the flyer campaign will be measured by the evaluation standard of the sampling event, which is to reach out to 100 students who would have seen the flyer and were thereby encouraged to visit the sampling event. The success of the coupon campaign will be evaluated by totaling the number of our coupons collected by Rollie’s Pizza’s servers, which our team hopes will be 50 coupons.


Objective 2: Increase awareness of Rollie’s Pizza’s products


Strategy: Execute a taste test of Rollie’s Pizza’s products at Indiana State University.

Tactic: Rollie’s Pizza will provide a certain number of pizzas for our team to hand out to the students of Indiana State University. Students will be informed via a flyer that we will be located on the first floor of the Hulman Memorial Student Union handing out samples and coupons.


  • A member of our team will obtain the necessary permission from Indiana State University for giving out food samples to the students on campus
  • Our team will have an appropriate number of paper plates, napkins and utensils in accordance with the number of pizzas we will hand out
  • Our team will obtain appropriate means of keeping the food warm
  • Our team will obtain a to-be-determined number of different styles of pizza that Rollie’s Pizza has to offer for this event

Deadline: November 19th.

Evaluation: Our team aims to hand out 100 samples to 100 students.


Strategy: Administer surveys of people’s opinions about Rollie’s Pizza’s products.

Tactic: Students will stop at our promotion table and taste the pizzas and will be asked to give a short review on the product, which is designed to provide feedback for Rollie’s Pizza’s management as well as to help the business establish a reputation as an organization that cares about the desires and opinions of their customers.


  • Our team will develop and administer a survey to students at the event who will answer 3-5 questions regarding their experience and whether they plan to visit Rollie’s when it opens

Deadline: November 19th.

Evaluation: Our team hopes to have at least 80 people review the product and indicate that they intend to visit Rollie’s Pizza.


Objective 3: Add to Rollie’s Pizza’s current presence on social media


Strategy: Utilize a Rollie’s Pizza Twitter account.

Tactic: A Twitter account will be created and maintained for Rollie’s Pizza. During this campaign, the account will be used to publish content to promote the taste test prior to the event and during the event itself. At the end of the project, our team will turn over the account login information to the owner of Rollie’s in order to continue marketing.


  • A team member will create a Rollie’s Pizza Twitter handle, use Rollie’s logo for the profile photo, and create a short and catchy bio on the company
  • The manager of the account will publish 5 to 10 tweets to advertise the sampling event and be present at the event to live tweet for additional publicity
  • Each member of the team will ‘retweet’ the Rollie’s tweets in order to build awareness

Deadline: November 19th.

Evaluation: Our team hopes to gain at least 50 followers on this new Twitter account.


Strategy: Take photographs of Rollie’s Pizza for use on its social media sites.

Tactic: Our team will provide quality photographs of Rollie’s Pizza for use during this campaign and for future marketing and publicity efforts. Photographs will be posted on social media sites, including Twitter, with various short promotional messages that advertise our sampling event, Rollie’s new location and its upcoming reopening.


  • A team member will visit Rollie’s Pizza to take photographs of the building’s exterior and interior, and later edit them for publication
  • A team member will post them to the business’s Twitter account and/or other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram

Deadline: November 19th.

Evaluation: Our team hopes to have each photo retweeted, shared, or liked 2 to 5 times.

Campaign Results

The success of this public relations campaign will be included upon the examination of the tactics after their implementation.


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